MLS Capstone

“Libraries are like mountains or meadows or creeks: sacred space.”  Ann Lamott

Welcome to my MLS Capstone Portfolio! As I have pursued a Masters Degree in Library Science from Emporia State University, I have created this website to display the values and outcomes of my course of study. Within this site you will find samples of my coursework, projects, presentations and how I am applying this knowledge to my current work. Certainly the theories and models of the information transfer process have given me direction in how I approach my current position as a reference librarian in an academic medical library. Understanding how knowledge is disseminated, organized, diffused, utilized, and preserved has shaped how I retrieve and deliver the research aspects of my job. Understanding individual learning styles and the cognitive relationships of information transfer has made me a better information professional.

Medical Librarianship
 a desire to serve

The last six years of my life have been spent in the medical librarianship field and I am continually learning how medicine and libraries have defined the way our communities deliver health care information. Today, bringing evidence-based knowledge to those who are in life and death situations has become crucial and with the emergence of digital services, this process has defined the way librarians answer clinical questions. I have found that medical librarians need to have a great understanding of evidence based resources, they must have a high level of computer skills, and they must be able to formulate questions and search strings using the National Library of Medicine’s Medical Subject Headings to synthesize the delivery of information. It is an exciting field and a very trying one in many ways as we see hospitals downsize their workforce by eliminating librarians and sometimes, their libraries altogether. Valuing our medical librarians has become a theme as librarians assume new roles of educators and knowledge managers. I see a need to preserve our rapidly changing print collections and deliver point of care medicine as I work with medical students at our university. It has been a wonderful career choice for me and I hope to spread my enthusiasm for this much needed field in the service that I bring.